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Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

"As for the Mother and myself, we have had to try all ways, follow all methods, to surmount mountains of difficulties, a far heavier burden to bear than you or anybody else in the Ashram or outside, far more difficult conditions, battles to fight, wounds to endure, ways to cleave through impenetrable morass and desert and forest, hostile masses to conquer - a work such as, I am certain, none else had to do before us.
For the Leader of the Way in a work like ours has not only to bring down and represent and embody the Divine, but to represent too the ascending element in humanity and to bear the burden of humanity to the full and experience, not in a mere play or Lila but in grim earnest, all the obstruction, difficulty, opposition, baffled and hampered and only slowly victorious labour which are possible on the Path.
But it is not necessary nor tolerable that all that should be repeated over again to the full in the experience of others.
It is because we have the complete experience that we can show a straighter and easier road to others - if they will only consent to take it.
It is because of our experience won at a tremendous price that we can urge upon you and others, "Take the psychic attitude; follow the straight sunlit path, with the Divine openly or secretly upbearing you - if secretly, he will yet show himself in good time, - do not insist on the hard hampered, roundabout and difficult journey."

Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950)
Letter from May 5, 1932
in "On Himself", SABCL, volume 26, page 464

The Mother's consciousness and mine are the same, the one Divine Consciousness in two, because that is necessary for the play. Nothing can be done without her knowledge and force, without her consciousness - if anybody really feel her consciousness, he should know that I am there behind it and if he feels me it is the same with hers.

Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950)
Letter from November 13, 1934
in "On Himself", SABCL, volume 26, page 455

There are two ways of doing Yoga, one by knowledge and one's own efforts, the other by reliance on the Mother.
In the last way one has to offer one's mind and heart and all to the Mother for her Force to work on it, call her in all difficulties, have faith and bhakti.
At first it takes time, often a long time, for the consciousness to be prepared in this way - and during that time many difficulties can come up, but if one perseveres a time comes when all is ready, the Mother's Force opens the consciousness fully to the Divine, then all that must develop develops within, spiritual experience comes and with it the knowledge and union with the Divine.

Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950)
(date unknown - between 1926 and 1938)

Published in "Mother India" November 1987, page 679
as referenced in "The Integral Yoga - Sri Aurobindo's Teaching and Method of Practice", a compilation of selected letters made by Archives and Research Library at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry by Peter Heehs and Bob Zwicker, published by Lotus Light publications, USA.

When in your heart and thought you make no difference between Sri Aurobindo and me, when to think of Sri Aurobindo will be to think of me and to think of me will mean to think of Sri Aurobindo inevitably, when to see one will mean inevitably to see the other, like one and the same Person, - then you will know that you begin to be open to the supramental force and consciousness.

4 March 1958

The Mother (1878-1973)
in CWM, volume 13 "Words of the Mother"
page 32 (page 33 is a facsimile in Mother's own handwriting - the highlight is hers)

SABCL and CWM are published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry
diffusion by SABDA

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