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Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library

SABCL 1972



SABCL (30 vol.)

Major Works of Sri Aurobindo (22 vol)

CMW - Collected Works of the Mother (17 vol.)

Volume 1 Bande Mataram, Early Political Writings - I (1893-1908):
New Lamps for Old
Bhawani Mandir
The Doctrine of Passive Resistance
editorials and comments from the "Bande Mataram"
Speeches:.(Hidden meaning of the song "Bande Mataram", The Present situation)

Volume 2 Karmayogin, Early Political Writings - II (1909-1910):
Uttarpara Speech
The Ideal of the Karmayogin
An Open Letter to My Countrymen
A System of National Education
other essays, notes and comments from the Karmayogin

Volume 3 The Harmony of Virtue (Early Cultural Writings):
The Harmony of Virtue
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
The Sources of Poetry and Other Essays
Valmiki and Vyasa
The Brain of India
National Value of Art & Essays from the Karmayogin
Art and Literature
Passing Thoughts
Conversations of the Dead.

Volume 4 Writings in Bengali (translated into English):
Hymn to Durga
From Dharma (weekly in Bengali)
- The Veda
- The Upanishads
- The Puranas
- The Gita
- Nationalism
Editorials from "Dharma"
Stories of Jail Life - Prison and Freedom
Letters. (especially to his young brother Barin)

Volume 5 Collected Poems, The Complete Poetical Works:
Short Poems
Longer Poems
On Quantitative Metre
Ilion ( here a passage from Book 8)
Poems in New Metres
Metrical Experiments

Volume 6 Collected Plays and Short Stories, Part One:
Perseus the Deliverer

Volume 7 Collected Plays and Short Stories, Part Two:
The Viziers of Bassora
Prince of Edur
The Maid in the Mill
The House of Brut
The Prince of Mathura
The Birth of Sin
Vikramorvasie (The Hero and the Nymph).
Short Stories: Idylls of the Occult: The Phantom Hour; The Door at Abelard; The Devil's Mastiff; The Golden Bird.

Volume 8 Translations, From Sanskrit and Other Languages:
From Sanskrit: passages from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, Kalidasa; The Century of Life (The Nitishataka of Bhartrihari): etc.
From Bengali: Songs of Bidyapati; Bande Mataram (Hymn to the Mother); thirteen chapters from Anandamath (Bankim Chandra Chatterji's novel); etc.
From Tamil: opening of the The Kural, etc.
From Greek and Latin: opening of the Odyssey, etc.

Volume 9 The Future Poetry and Letters on Poetry, Literature and Art.

Volume 10 The Secret of the Veda:
The Secret of the Veda
Selected Hymns; Hymns of the Atris
Other Hymns
Interpretation of the Veda
The Origins of Aryan Speech.

Volume 11 Hymns to the Mystic Fire:
The Doctrine of the Mystics
Translations (Hymns to Agni from the Rig-veda translated in their esoteric sense)

Volume 12 The Upanishads, Texts, Translations and Commentaries:
Philosophy of the Upanishads
On translating the Upanishads
The Upanishads
Mundaka Upanishad
Early translations of some Vedantic Texts

Volume 13 Essays on the Gita: (special page)
First Series.
Second Series, Part One: The Synthesis of Works, Love and Knowledge
Second Series, Part Two: The Supreme Secret.
The Bhagavad Gita: Fulltext of Sri Aurobindo's translation

Volume 14 The Foundations of Indian Culture and the Renaissance in India:
- Is India Civilised?
- Indian Culture and External Influence
- The Renaissance in India. (Full text of the 4 chapters - internal)
- A Defence of Indian Culture - division in 5 parts

a - A Rationalistic Critic on Indian Culture
b - Indian Spirituality and Life (Full text in 5 chapters - internal)
c - Indian Art (excerpts)
d - Indian Literature (Full text in 5 chapters - internal)
e - Indian Polity
Volume 15 Social and Political Thought:
The Human Cycle
The Ideal of Human Unity
War and Self-Determination.

Volume 16 The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings:
The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth
The Problem of Rebirth
The Superman
Ideals and Progress
Thoughts and Glimpses
Reviews: About Astrology
"Arya": its significance
Question of the Month from the "Arya"
The Yoga and Its Objects.

Volume 17 The Hour of God and Other Writings:
The Hour of God (Sections 1, 2, 3). Section 4 published in Sri Aurobindo's Major Works
Evolution - Psychology - The Supermind
On Yoga
Thoughts and Aphorisms (fulltext in zipped file here)
Essays Divine and Human
Education and Art
Premises of Astrology (and here too)
Dayananda - Bankim - Tilak - Andal - Nammalwar
Historical Impressions
Notes from the "Arya".

Volume 18 The Life Divine, Book One and Book Two, Part One.
Book One (to download): Omnipresent Reality and the Universe
Book Two: The Knowledge and the Ignorance - The Spiritual Evolution (1)
   Part I (to download): The Infinite Consciousness and the Ignorance.

Volume 19 The Life Divine, Book Two:
Book Two (to download): The Knowledge and the Ignorance - The Spiritual Evolution (2)
   Part II: The Knowledge and the Spiritual Evolution. (or here)
or see also Special page Live Divine Section: Spiritual Evolution

Volume 20 The Synthesis of Yoga, Parts One and Two:
Introduction: The Conditions of the Synthesis
Part I: The Yoga of Divine Works
Part II: The Yoga of Integral Knowledge.

Volume 21 The Synthesis of Yoga, Parts Three and Four.
Part III: The Yoga of Divine Love
Part IV: The Yoga of Self-Perfection.

Volume 22 Letters on Yoga, Part One:
Part One:
The Supramental Evolution
Integral Yoga and Other Paths
Religion, Morality, Idealism and Yoga
Reason, Science and Yoga
Planes and Parts of the Being
The Divine and the Hostile Powers
The Purpose of Avatarhood (full section - internal - 77 Kb)
Fate and Free-Will, Karma and Heredity, etc.

Volume 23 Letters on Yoga, Parts Two and Three.
Part Two:
The Object of Integral Yoga
Synthetic Method and the Integral Yoga
Basic Requisites of the Path
The Foundations of Sadhana
Sadhana Through Work; Sadhana Through Meditation
Sadhana Through Love and Devotion
Human Relationships in Yoga
Sadhana in the Ashram and Outside
Part Three:
Experiences and Realisations
Visions and Symbols
Experiences of the Inner and the Cosmic Consciousness.

Volume 24 Letters on Yoga, Part Four:
Part Four:
The Triple Transformation - Psychic, Spiritual Supramental
Transformation of the Mind
Transformation of the Vital
Transformation of the Physical
Transformation of the Subconscient and the Inconscient
Difficulties of the Path
Opposition of the Hostile Powers.

Volume 25 The Mother: With Letters on the Mother and Prayers and Meditations (translations from Prières et Méditations de la Mère)
The Mother
Letters on the Mother
Prayers and Meditations (only the translations by Sri Aurobindo).

Volume 26 On Himself, Compiled from Notes and Letters:
Part One: Sri Aurobindo on Himself:
Life Before Pondicherry (A General Note on Sri Aurobindo's Political Life)
Beginnings of Yoga
His Path and Other Paths
Sadhana for the Earth-Consciousness
The Master and the Guide
The Poet and the Critic
Reminiscences and Observations
Some Early Letters (Early Letters, Calls to return to Indian politics, Early Plans in 1922 to take up External Work)
Part Two: Sri Aurobindo on Himself and on the Mother:
Leaders of Evolution
Identity of Their Consciousness
Difficulties of the Path-finders
Helpers on the Way.

Volume 27 Supplement: Supplementary material arranged by volume.

Volume 28 Savitri 1 - A Legend and a Symbol, Part One
Part One:
The Book of Beginnings
The Book of the Traveller of the Worlds
The Book of the Divine Mother

Volume 29 Savitri 2 - A Legend and a Symbol, Parts Two and Three.
Part Two:
The Book of Birth and Quest
The Book of Love
The Book of Fate
The Book of Yoga
The Book of Death
Part Three:
The Book of Eternal Night
The Book of the Double Twilight
The Book of Everlasting Day
The Return to Earth

Sri Aurobindo's Letters on Savitri. (External site)

Volume 30 Index and Glossary:
Sri Aurobindo, a Life Sketch (and also here) (External sites)
Contents of the Centenary Library (this page!)
List of Essays, Speeches and Shorter Works
Title Index of Poems
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms (External site); etc.

published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry
diffusion by SABDA

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