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The Bhagavad Gita

as translated by Sri Aurobindo

Index Page - Table of Contents

Bernard's Note: I have found the text on the Net, but there were many typos or missing passages or even pages. I have all verified, corrected or completed, word after word, with the help of the printed edition in my possession. The following text is therefore the only one correct on the Net at publishing's date (December 17, 2000).

Publisher's Not
e: The translation of the Gita presented here was compiled mainly from Sri Aurobindo's "Essays on the Gita". It first appeared in "The Message of the Gita", edited by Anilbaran Roy, in 1938. Sri Aurobindo approved this book for publication; however, he made it clear in one of his letters that the translations in the Essays were "more explanatory than textually precise or cast in a literary style". Many of them are paraphrases rather than strict translations.
Sri Aurobindo also wrote that he did not wish extracts from the Essays "to go out as my translation of the Gita". This should be borne in mind by the reader as he makes use of this translation, which has been provided as a bridge between the Gita and Sri Aurobindo's Essays.


01 - The Dejection of Arjuna
02 - Sankhyayoga
03 - Karmayoga
04 - Towards the Yoga of Knowledge
05 - The Yoga of Renunciation
06 - The Yoga of the Supreme Spirit
07 - The Yoga of Knowledge
08 - The Immutable Brahman
09 - The King-Knowledge or The King-Secret
10 - God in Power of Becoming
11 - The Vision of the World-Spirit
12 - Bhaktiyoga

"The Gita in its last six chapters [see below], in order to found on a clear and complete knowledge the way of the soul's rising out of the lower into the divine nature, restates in another form the enlightenment the Teacher has already imparted to Arjuna.
Essentially it is the same knowledge, but details and relations are now made prominent and assigned their entire significance, thoughts and truths brought out in their full value that were alluded to only in passing or generally stated in the light of another purpose."
(Sri Aurobindo, "Essays on the Gita", Second series, Part Two "The Supreme Secret", Chapter 13 "The Field and its Knower", SABCL volume 13, page 395)

13 - The Field and Its Knower
14 - The Three Gunas
15 - The Supreme Divine
16 - Deva and Asura
17 - Faith and the Three Gunas
18 - Renunciation and Moksha

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