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Sri Aurobindo

"On Himself and on The Mother"

Additional Letters between 1929 and 1949

Now in "On Himself" Part Two

On Himself and on The Mother:

1 - Leaders of Evolution
2 - Identity of Their Consciousness
3 - Difficulties of the Path-Finders
4 - Helpers on the Way

Sri Aurobindo on Himself and on The Mother

Index of the four Sections and their Headers

Section 1: Leaders of Evolution
  • Headers: Sri Aurobindo and The Mother as Avatars - The Mystery of Incarnation - The Highest Realisation and Effort - Manifestation of the Personal Divine - Self-Veiling of the Divine to Meet the Human - Preparing the Manifestation - Work through Ages
Section 2: Identity of Their Consciousness
  • Headers: Identity of Consciousness and Path - Mutual Help in Perfecting the Sadhana - Sadhana Before The Mother's Coming
Section 3: Difficulties of the Path-Finders
  • Headers: The Difficult Path - The Burden of Humanity - Preparing the Sunlit Path - Vital Sensitiveness - Joyous Sacrifice - Years of Self-Imposed Bareness - Knowledge of Human Nature - Faith Founded on Knowledge - Steps in Advance - The Increasing Descent - The Long Process of the Descent - Resistance to the Descent - Descent of Sadhana into the Physical - A New Power - Fight on the Physical Plane
Section 4: Helpers on the Way
  • Headers: Reason for Forming the Ashram - The Ashram Precincts - Two Atmospheres in the Ashram - The Ashram Extension - No Eagerness to get Disciples - The Ashram 'Prestige' - Truth of Spiritual Motherhood and falsehood of All Religious Fanaticism - Law of Dealing with Sadhaks - Childish Abhiman - The Initial Demand - Overwhelming Compassion - Sole Duty to Sadhaks - The Real Need - Comparison with Sadhaks - Work for Sadhaks and Work for The Mother - Some Relief from Enormous Work - A Great Longing - No Prevising - Receiving Help through Writing - Direct Communication - Attribution of Wrong Motives - Misinterpretation and Wong Conclusions - Two Elements in Spiritual Success - Reliance in Protection - The Inner Presence - Pressure to Liberate - Personal Contact and Receptivity to Force - Unconscious Reception of Force - Action of Force on the Subtle Body - The Constant Presence - An Experience of Descent - A Psychic Experience - Action of Force under Conditions - Receptivity to Force in Curing Illness - Need of Correct Information - Working of Force through Allopaths and Homeopaths - Help to Those who Die in the Ashram - Sadhana and Sports [= very interesting letters on Sri Aurobindo's last work: The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth] - Quietude and Action - Reading Newspapers - The Only Mantra Used in This Yoga - A Mantra - Sri Aurobindo's Gayatri.

in SABCL, volume 26, "On Himself" - Part Two (pages 445-513)
published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry
diffusion by SABDA

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