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Links to Websites

(Last update: June 18, 2002- more to come)

1 - Important Websites (new)
2 - Auroville Journals
3 - Reviews Online
4 - Sri Aurobindo Centers
5 - Others (new)
6 - Sites with political orientation
7 - Where you can buy books (new)
8 - Special

  1. Important Websites

  2. Auroville Journals (Index Page for Journals) [New site - updated]

  3. Reviews On-Line (from Centers or disciples)
  4. Sri Aurobindo Centers (more to come)

  5. Others (more to come)
  6. Websites with specific orientation on Sri Aurobindo's political life (before 1910)
  7. Websites where you can buy books of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and disciples
  8. Special:
    My site is linked by the following sites, visit them please before others:
    1. The site of the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother (also called "Miraura", in English) on the "Links to Outside Sites" page , on the Sri Aurobindo's selected texts page, and on the Mother's selected texts page.
    2. Claude Daviault's personal site (member of AVI Canada ) on the "page de liens/links page" (French/English)
    3. Aurore-France.Net on the "Page du Yoga Intégral" (French / Français)
    4. Alan Kazlev - metamorphosis and evolution on the page of links for the Sri Aurobindo and Mother's section
      and on other pages dedicated to Mother (English)
    5. Hinduist Website Hindutva on the Page of links for Philosophy/Great Thinkers/Sri Aurobindo (English)
    6. Louis de Bie's Website for Integral Yoga in Europe on the Page of links (English)
    7. Igor Savenkov's Russian Site - Texts of Satprem and Photos (English / Russian) on the page of photos and page of links
    8. Kiruthika Ramanathan's Website on the links page (and on the photos-page)
    9. The Website of "Tamil Nation" on the Sri Aurobindo Page [July 2001: This site is closed]
    10. A personal website of Sai Susarla on a special link page for Sri Aurobindo's Works
    11. Leonid Ovanesbekov's Website Bur.Oivta (Russian and English) on the page of links (corrected May 22, 2002)
    12. Russian E-Group discussion-list: links page
    13. Site of Stan Schaap, practical spirituality, on the Grand vision page
    14. In the page of links for Integral Yoga at the site of Sergey Novitsky from St Petersburg - Russia (living in The Netherlands)
    15. Website of the Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Peetham Center of Lodi (USA) on the page of links
    16. Website in Spanish "Inicio", on the page of links for Yoga
    17. Website of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch (New Delhi, India), on the page of links
    18. Website in Bulgaria - and in Bulgarian! - devoted to the Integral Yoga, on the page of links.
    19. New Website of Auroville on the page of the related links.
    20. Website in Spanish Creatrix "Evolución:::: Mutación::: Transformación"
    21. Website of the Sri Aurobindo Society in Singapore - on the newcomers page with links
    22. Website of the German Philosophical Society HERE-NOW4U on the Special page Aurobindo Online (English Section)
    23. Website of Search of Light on the Recommanded Links page (or here).

Please note too that I have hundreds of pages and links to classify and that I have the guideline to put onto the website only pages (and links to pages) which I have personnally read. That requires time (also for the formatting) and explains why this page is under permanent construction.
Thanks for your understanding.

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