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1 - Selected from Web-server for Integral Yoga  http://integral-yoga.narod.ru/IntegralYoga/start-page.html

in English at : http://integral-yoga.narod.ru/IntegralYoga/etc/contents-short.html
in Russian at: http://integral-yoga.narod.ru/IntegralYoga/etc/contents-short.win.html
(as for February 22, 2003)

That server presents various texts linked with the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo

Texts in Russian are the translations of Igor Savenkov, A.A. Shevchenko, V.G. Baranov, Michael Dmitriev, Leonid Ovanesbekov, Eugeny Pavlovsky and others.

The server is made by Leonid Ovanesbekov from the accessible texts. The big help was taken from Igor Savenkov, Michael Dmitriev.


2 - Michael Dmitriev (the first translator of Savitri into Russian) web-site at http://www.aurobindo.ru/ --
with many photos of persons and places, many texts in English and Russian.

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