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Nirodbaran (or short: Nirod) is born on November 17, 1903 and is still alive

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Short biographical info: Nirodbaran joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, early in the thirties, after returning from England as a qualified doctor of medicine. He came to the Ashram with the intention of practising Yoga. Besides his professional duties in the Ashram, he began writing poetry encouraged and guided by Sri Aurobindo. In 1938 he was called upon to attend on Sri Aurobindo as a medical man but later helped Sri Aurobindo in his literary work and correspondence by taking down dictation.
Once Sri Aurobindo wrote: "Nirod is no doctor to me; he has come to serve me."
Nirodbaran has published in 3 volumes "Talks with Sri Aurobindo", in 2 volumes his "Correspondence with Sri Aurobindo" and a record in "Twelve Years with Sri Aurobindo", besides some volumes of poetry and other writings. He is continuing his literary activities even today. [from the back cover of "12 Years with Sri Aurobindo"]

Last Update: November 14, 2000

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