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from "Memorable Contacts with the Mother"

file found on the Web - reorganised by Bernard

Bernard's note: Not having the book, I could not control the text

Remarks of Nirodbaran - Words of the Mother - Words of Sri Aurobindo


Remarks of Nirodbaran:

Vivekananda, if I remember rightly, and Nivedita too perhaps have said what a fine life it would have been to pass one's days sitting at the feet of Sharada Devi, the Mother of the Ramakrishna Ashram, instead of spending all one's energy in useless hectic activities! A moment's mood, it may be, but the truth of the feeling is unmistakable.

But the wonder of wonders was the voice! It bears out the truth of what the Mother had said, "I see Sri Aurobindo all the time busy with you."

But if one bows down to a person who has embodied the Divine Consciousness - of course with faith - then that person can more easily transmit his consciousness or experience to the other.

The Mother always observed the rules of the game: once she had given the authority to a person, she rarely used her absolute power.

People may think, "What a bother about a small and universally accepted practice!" I would have thought the same if I had been outside. But yogic insight is so often at variance with our ordinary sight!

Rough and hard was not the way she adopted when dealing with anyone, especially children.

The Mother never wanted to take the help of the Police or of the law court in any of our internal matters. I cannot forget the loss of the doubly precious ring.

I realised once more Sri Aurobindo's remark that behind diseases, as behind everything else, there are forces that work for our weal or woe. Doctors are instruments only in creating such conditions as may help the benevolent forces to work without any hindrance.

When someone had remarked to Sri Aurobindo that the Mother lacked humour he replied that her humour was very subtle.

Her nature always invited forwardness; we should come forward and not wait to be called.

Words of the Mother:

Myself: Yes, Mother. I feel much better and stronger, but I can't get rid of the suggestion that I am getting on in age.
Mother: No, you must not listen to it. It is a collective suggestion thrown upon everybody. One can go on being active in spite of age. I have seen people of 90 who were younger than boys of 10. No, you must get rid of that suggestion altogether.

"Why not punish such miscreants?" asked Sanyal.
Mother: I don't believe in punishments.
Sanyal: Can't these force be changed?
Mother: If they want, otherwise they suffer their fate. But they serve a purpose: they show your weak points in the body and you work on them. Transformation of the body is not easy. If it were not for this aim, I would have gone to Heaven long ago.

Mother: "It doesn't matter! We are all new hands."

"Why raise this issue again? Its necessity is over." A significant remark which implied that she was always guided by inner laws and inner movements.

She remarked: "There is a power in the family that acts through them."

Mother: Compulsion is necessary. If you want to remain in the Group, you have to obey the Group discipline. That is quite reasonable. I will tell you one thing: without discipline, strict discipline, no progress can be made in life. No yoga is possible without it. You can't take one step forward without strict discipline. You may utter a mantra for a hundred years, but without discipline you wont be able to see beyond the tip of your nose.

Mother: But once you have made your choice, you have to stick to it till the end of the year.

Mother: Where and when have I supported indiscipline?

Mother: Since he has taken refuge in me, I can't hand him over to the Police. But he must leave the Ashram this very night; otherwise I will call the Police. Go with him to the station and see that he leaves.

One day it was raining heavily and it was school-time. As I approached the Mother for my flower, I said, "How to go to school in this rain, Mother?". "Why? what has rain got to do with the school?" she replied.

"Few are those from whom the Grace withdraws, but many are those who withdraw from the Grace," Sri Aurobindo has said.
When I reported it to the Mother, she told me, "The fear was the cause. But why should you fear? If it comes, surrender it to the Divine: that's the way to get rid of it."

Mother: Lack of strength does not depend upon the loss of blood. Strength depends on making contact with the universal Force. Try to draw that Force.

On one birthday I told her that I felt I was making no progress in sadhana; everything seemed to remain at status quo. She replied, "You know you were playing with doubt for a long time. Now you are coming out."

Mother: And you know, from the point of view of humour, I have never read anything more wonderful, oh!... He had a way of looking at things... it's incredible. Incredible. But it seems that for him, the outside world was something... absurd, you know.

Mother: I am hearing - through Nirod - things that Sri Aurobindo said, and he himself says that he contradicted himself a number of times... and that, of course, the two or three different ways are true. So we can be as... wide as he!

The Mother answered, "Why double attraction? There is no opposition. When I used to walk in the verandah of Sri Aurobindo's first house [the Guest House], Krishna used to walk with me. Sri Aurobindo would see us from his room, but nobody else could."

The question was: "What is the best way to prepare ourselves so that we may be able to put in place the new structures?"
The Mother replied: "Naturally you have to enlarge your consciousness. But how to do it? If each one of you could find your psychic being and unite with it, all the problems would be solved. The psychic is the representative of the Divine in the human being, isn't it?..... Usually it takes a whole life, at times for some people many lives. Here, in the present conditions, you can do it in a few months... those who have an ardent aspiration can do it..."

Mother: (After a silence) My God! It is 60 years since I knew what the fourth dimension is... Indispensable! indispensable! life starts with it.

Mother: Consciousness should be able to be lucid and without words. Altogether luminous, warm and strong and the true peace that is neither inertia nor immobility.

Om - I implore the Supreme Lord
namo - pranam (obeisance) to him
bhagavate - make me 'divine'.

Mother: When he left his body I continued to live here in order to do his work which is, by serving the Truth and enlightening mankind, to hasten the rule of the Divine's Love upon earth.

Mother: Above all you must tell your ego: "Your hour is gone."

Mother: I ask only one thing: do not listen to the ego.

Mother: If there is in you hearts a sincere Yes, you will satisfy me completely. I do not need words, I need the sincere adhesion of your hearts. That's all.

Mother: You are never abandoned.
In fact I hold myself responsible for everyone, even for those whom I have met only for one second in my life.

Mother: He will be Kali for the worshippers of Kali, and Beatitude for the Bhakta..... The Divine is indeed what you expect of him in your deepest aspiration.

Words of Sri Aurobindo:

It is better not to speak of the Mother to your friends - they do not know her, therefore they can take no interest in her. The more you live close to the Mother yourself, the less you will need to speak of her to others. - Sri Aurobindo

You are a child of the Divine Mother, be tranquil, calm and full of force. There is no special procedure. To take the name of the Mother, to remember her within, to pray to her, all this may be described as calling the Mother. As it comes from within you, you have to call her accordingly. You can also do this - shutting your eyes you can imagine that the Mother is in front of you or you can sketch a picture of her in your mind and offer her your pranam, that obeisance will reach her. - Sri Aurobindo

"Always behave as if the Mother was looking at you; because indeed she is, always present."- Sri Aurobindo

"The Mother is not a disciple of Sri Aurobindo. She has had the same realisation and experience as myself." - Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo's opinion about vaccination was that "it is a very nasty affair, this vaccination. The whole Pasteurian affair is to me antipathetic - it is a dark and dangerous principle however effective..."

"One of the two great steps in this yoga is to take refuge in the Mother." ( The other is "Aspiration of the sadhak for the divine life.") - Sri Aurobindo.


in "Memorable Contacts with the Mother"
published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry
diffusion by SABDA

Note of Bernard: Not having the book, I could not control the text.

Remarks of Nirodbaran - Words of the Mother - Words of Sri Aurobindo

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