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The Mother

Notes on the Way


Original in French here

  • What are the "Notes on the Way"?
    From October 1964 onwards, Satprem, who had had already his weekly talk with Mother for many years, succeeded in deciding her to publish significative extracts from these conversations in the "Bulletin", either with the title "Notes on the Way", or with the title "Apropos". He thought it could allow to everybody to follow the Mother's personal adventure of her "yoga of cells".
    Mother was very reluctant, but he could convinve her. The published texts were re-read and corrected by both (even truncated or joined together or completed), or at least with the Mother's verbal agreement.
    It lasted till March 1973.

    After the 17 November 1973 Satprem started to publish the integrality of these conversations, from either the remaining tape-recordings, or from the notes he had written down after recording (and before erasing the tape for a new use), or from memory - Satprem indicates carefully each origin in the French original. There became the 13 volumes of the Agenda.
    We have that way the source-text of these "Notes on the Way" which Satprem has sometimes repudiated, saying they were from time to time too "unreliable". The comparison allows us therefore to come back to the original, but we must remind us however that, till the publication of the Agenda, only these "Notes on the Way" have been able to witness publicly of the inner work of the Mother and of what she wanted of it to be known.

  • Texts from "Notes on the Way"
    (in English) (concerning the texts in French, see here)

    • 7 March 1967 (on the experience of death) (for the Agenda version see here)
    • [on external site] 23 November 1968 (the consciousness of the Presence of the Divine)
    • [on external site] 27 November 1968 (a work is being done so that all parts of the body may become conscious)
    • 14 March 1970 (the change is done) (for the Agenda version see here)
    • (to be continued)

"Notes on the Way"

CWM Volume 11
published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry

diffusion by SABDA

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