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Sri Aurobindo


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All is not finished in the Unseen’s decree!
A mind beyond our mind demands our ken;
A life of unimagined harmony
Awaits, concealed, the grasp of unborn men.

The crude beginnings of the lifeless earth
And mindless stirrings of the plant and tree
Prepared our thought; thought for a godlike birth
Broadens the mold of our mortality.

A might no human will or force could gain,
A knowledge seated in eternity,
A joy beyond our struggle and our pain
Is this earth-hampered creature’s destiny.

O Thou who climbedst to mind from the dull stone,
Turn to the miracled summits yet unwon.

Sri Aurobindo

Reference: # 75 in "Les poèmes de Sri Aurobindo" (bilingual edition)
also in "More Poems" - 77
and "Collected Poems" -164
all published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry
diffusion by SABDA

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