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Offered to Indra Irvin born on 9-9-99

A veil behind the heart, a lid over the mind divide us from the Divine.Love and devotion rend the veil, in quietude of the mind the lid thins andvanishes.

May the inner Sun tranquillise and illumine the mind and awaken fully the heart and guide it.

In a quietude of the mind opened to the presence of the Divine in your heart and everywhere; in a still mind and heart the Divine is seen like the sun in still water.

Rise into the higher consciousness, let its light control and transform the nature.

By the heart's self-giving the Presence and the Influence will be there even in the inconscience and prepare the nature for the true light and consciousness through the whole range of being.

Put stress always on the aspiration within; let that get depth and steadiness in the heart; the outer obstacles of mind and the vital will recede of themselves with the growth of the heart's love and aspiration.

Keep the mind and heart open and turned inward and upward so that when the touch comes from within or the flow from above, you may be ready to receive it.

To persevere in turning towards the Light is what is most demanded. The Light is nearer to us than we think and at any time its hour may come.

To keep the soul ready for the Divine Grace so that it may be ready to receive it when it comes.

A persistent will for the work to be done in us and in the world is what is most needed; there is a sure spiritual result, the growth of the consciousness and the soul's readiness for the touch of the Divine's Light and Power.

When the Light enters into the Inconscience which hedges in all our being and prevents or limits the manifestation of the true consciousness in us, when it inhibits the habits and recurrences and constant repetition of the same stimuli which besiege us and rise from the subconscient, then only can the nature be wholly free and respond only to the Truth from above.

Clarity of knowledge and inner self-vision, subjugation of the ego, love, scrupulousness in selfless and dedicated works, are the four wheels of the chariot of Yoga. One who has them will progress safely on the path.

  in "On Himself" - SABCL Volume 26 - pages 215-217
published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Pondicherry

diffusion by SABDA

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