Sri Aurobindo
was also a poet

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In the silence of the midnight, in the light of dawn or noontide
I have heard the flutings of the Infinite, I have seen the sun-wings of the seraphs.
On the boundless solitude of the mountains, on the shoreless roll of ocean,
Something is felt of God's vastness, floating touches of the Absolute;
Momentary and immeasurable smiled the sense nature free from its limits, -
A brief glimpse, a hint, it passes but the soul grows deeper, wider :
God has set his mark upon the creature.

In the flash or flutter of flight of bird and insect, in the passion of winged cry on treetops,
In the golden feathers of the eagle, in the maned and tawny glory of the lion,
In the voiceless hierophants of Nature with their hieratic script of colour,
Orchid, tulip and narcissus, rose and nenuphar and lotus,
Something of eternal beauty seizes on the soul and nerves and heartstrings.

(This poem is incomplete. It has been written between 1930 and 1938)

"What you write about your inspiration is very interesting. There is no invariable how except that I receive from above my head and receive changes and corrections from above without any initiation by myself or labour of the brain. Even if I change a hundred times, the mind does not work at that, it only receives. Formerly it used not to be so, the mind was always labouring at the stuff of an unshaped formation... . The poems come as a stream beginning at the first line and ending at the last-only some remain with one or two changes, others have to be recast if the first inspiration was an inferior one."
Sri Aurobindo 1934

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Montage made for Darshan day August 15, 1998

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