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Only in
Mother's Agenda - Volume 2 - Year 1961 - Edition 1978 in French
That text has NOT been translated in the English version
[translation Bernard - not corrected - if there is a problem of understsanding, see the original French version]

Notes on the recording of the Agenda on tapes

We are announcing here that we put on the market some cassettes which correspond to the conversations of the Mother as they have been written in that Agenda. In order to facilitate the choice of the reader, we have indicated in the "Summary", at the end of the book(1), all the conversations or fragments of conversations in the year 1961 for which a recording on tape (about 20 cassettes) was still existing(2). We have preceded all conversations of which a record still exists by a "E" [for "Enregistrement" = "Record"]. The list of the corresponding cassettes(3) may be obtained at the Institute of Evolutive Researches(4).

It is necessary to indicate in which conditions these conversations have been recorded and why many records or fragments of records do not exist any longer, alas.

It is only from the 22nd January 1961 that we have a series of records more or less without interruption (although with many holes), for it is from this date that generous friends have begun with a regular sending to us of tapes (might they be here thanked for the whole earth). Up to there we had to erase almost every conversation (after we had written it down) in order to be able to make a new recording with the following conversation on the same tape. A few exceptions, not numerous, have allowed to save a certain number of records (about 8 cassettes) from the years 1958-1959 and 1960 (the list of those cassettes corresponding to the volume 1 of the Agenda may equally be obtained at the Institute for Evolutive Researches). But even after the tapes have begun to arrive more or less regularly, we have rapidly measured the immensity of this river and we have been obliged to limit the use of the tapes, nevertheless not numerous enough to be able to preserve everything. At that moment we have been put before a crucial choice, for we hardly knew what the 'Agenda' was, nor what was 'important' or not for the continuation of a fabulous experience the progress of which we were hardly understanding. One understands afterwards (if that!). And never, not during one moment, till the last days of 1973, it has gone one second through our brain that these meetings could cease one day - and besides, we are right, for Mother is AHEAD and not behind us. She will speak again one day to us, perhaps in a less saturated language.

So, we had to cut into that ununderstandable forest at a time when we were only a dumbfounded "gold-seeker" , attracted by that speck rather than by this one - and gold, what did we know of it? The reader, or better: the hearer, will be able to measure our stupidity or our limitations while considering the missing pieces(5). And where to cut off, what to cut away ? Most of the time our 'machete' has fallen onto the too much 'personal' pieces, for we still did believe at that time that there was a 'person' in these, whereas there was a representative person of the mankind with his particular miseries which were only the miseries of the earth. For that very reason, we have to repeat many times and strongly that the persons or the beings of whom Mother speaks in that 'Agenda' and who have escaped from our 'machete' are only representative persons of the 'earthly difficulty' and in no case a particular person as people who like and look only at the sidelights of history would like them to be - only the great history is our preoccupation. It is the resistance of an old species to its glorious tomorrow. John or Martin has no more signification than a pterodactyl-Kevin or a salamander-Smith. It is the evolutive transition which is the point of our interest and the resistances on which Mother was working in order to extract the new species from the old one. To want to suppress that resistance for presenting a little golden ashram would be a falsehood that would be as aberrant as to suppress Judas or the Mongolian invasions - even Judas has a use, even the Mongolian invasions: it is that way that the new being is being forged, by the very resistance he encounters.

Therefore we have not been able to erase the names, nor we have wanted to do so - and what does it matter ?: these ones and that ones will fly along. A great History will remain.


12 June 1978

(1) [Bernard's Note] At he end of every volume of the Agenda there is an impressive collection of pages where Satprem has summarised each important idea-moment in a conversation in one paragraph. It is in this 'Summary' that is indicated the locating of the recorded passages. On reading that detailed 'Summary' one can have a view (or at least Satprem's view) on what has been said in the conversation of the day. Also, that locating is indicated inside the corpus of the Agenda by a special remark in a footnote.
(2) [Bernard's Note] From the volume 8 on - Year 1967 - Satprem has also put an asterisk (*) before the fragments which are omitted in the recorded tapes.
(3) [Bernard's Note] From the volume 6 - Year 1965 - the French edition gives at the end of each volume the complete and detailed list of the available cassettes for the corresponding volume. In the preceding volumes there was only a separate piece of paper with the same indications, but it could of course disappear at any moment from the book (for example: in a library, when an occasional reader was flipping through the book).
(4) Institut de Recherches Évolutives (IRE)
142 Boulevard Montparnasse F-75014-PARIS
tel: (33)(0)1 43 35 04 13 & Fax: (33) (0)1 45 38 58 31
Librairie de l'Agenda (Institut Recherches Évolutives)
18 rue Taillandiers F-75011-PARIS
Tel: (33)(0)1 48 07 82 91 & Fax (33) (0)1 48 07 19 11
(5) [Satprem's Note] The contrary case has also occurred: no longer cutting-offs, but additions: Mother happened to change one word or add a whole sentence or even an entire paragraph as a commentary when we asked her to explain certain points or some ambiguous words. Most of the time, we have printed those additional passages into a footnote, but for the convenience of the reading, it was not always possible nor desirable, above all when it was a unique word or a short remark. The hearer of the records will therefore understand on his own the variants.

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