Mother launching the World

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Montage made for the Darshan-Day April 24, 2000

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"If one looks attentively, one has to think that the Lord is staging a fantastic play for Himself! That the Manifestation is a play which He is acting for Himself and with Himself.[...]
You see, only the one who is watching the play is not worried, because he knows everything that is going to happen and he has an absolute knowledge of everything - everything that happens, everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen - and it is all there as one presence for him.
And so it is the others, the poor actors who do not even know, they do not even know their parts! And they worry a great deal, because they are being made to act something and they do not know what it is.
This is something I have just been feeling very strongly: we are all acting a play, but we do not know what the play is, nor where it is going, nor where it comes from, nor what it is as a whole.
We barely know - imperfectly - what we are supposed to do from moment to moment. Our knowledge is imperfect. And so we worry!
But when one knows everything, one can no longer worry, one smiles.

He must be having great fun, but we...
And yet we are given the full power to amuse ourselves like Him.

Mother in "On Thoughts and Aphorisms" - Commentary on Sri Aurobindo's Aphorisms #79 and #80 - 12 October 1962
Collected Works of the Mother - Volume 10 - Sri Aurobindo Ashram Press - Pages 148 and 150

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