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In this yoga a complete transformation of the nature is aimed at because that is necessary for the complete union and the complete liberation not only of the soul and the spirit but of the nature itself.
It is also a yoga of works and of the integral divine life; for that the integral transformation of nature is evidently necessary; the union with the Divine has to carry with it a full entrance into the divine consciousness and the divine nature; there must be not only sayujya or salokya but sadirshya or, as it is called in the Gita, sadharmya.
The full yoga, Purna Yoga, means a fourfold path, a Yoga of Knowledge for the mind, a Yoga of Bhakti for the heart, a Yoga of Works for the will and a Yoga of Perfection for the whole nature.
But ordinarily, if one can follow whole-heartedly any one of these lines, one arrives at the result of all the four.

Sri Aurobindo

(Letters on Yoga, Part 4, Section 6 "Difficulties of the Path" SABCL Volume 24, Page: 1622)

Montage made for Darshan-Day August 15, 2001

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As a complement READ the compilation made by myself on Integral (or Complete) Transformation in Sri Aurobindo's Works between 1916 and 1950, chronologically arranged. (67 Kb)
1 - From "The Life Divine" (Original in Arya, not revised. 1916 + 1918)
2 - From "The Synthesis of Yoga" (not revised part) - The Yoga of Self-Perfection (1920)
3 - From a draft (1927) for "The Problem of Rebirth - Rebirth and Karma"
4 - From a Notebook (circa 1927)
5 - From another Notebook (1930s)
6 - From "Letters on Yoga" - between 1926/1930 and 1938/1945 (most 1930-1938)
7- From "The Life Divine", chapters totally rewritten for the edition in July 1940
8 - From "The Life Divine", chapters entirely new for the edition in July 1940, usually called "The Spiritual Evolution" after The Mother's proposal.
9 - From "The Synthesis of Yoga" - "The Yoga of Divine Works" (totally revised for the edition in 1948, original Arya 1915)
10 - From "The Supramental Manifestation Upon Earth" (1949-1950)


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