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Trans-World Meditation with the montage: Blessings from The Mother on February 21, 1998

This page is a copy of the text I sent to all the recipients of the photo-montage

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Marseilles - France

February 21, 1998 - Mother's 120th Birthday

How did I get the idea of the montage ?

I did not get the idea ! The idea came to me... !
On Friday February 13, 1998 at 07:30 AM MET (=06:30 AM GMT) I was in my bathroom, and concentrated on shaving myself when suddenly the Mother's voice came in front of me and said in French : "Fais le montage" (Make the montage) and I immediately saw the photo you have received (among the many of Mother I have) with a short text below (and I knew that I had some digitalized texts from the Mother). It lasted a few seconds, then it was time to go to work...
Like I already wrote it in a message to Auroconf on November 19, 1997 I am sometimes clairaudient (= I hear 'voices') and I am used to write down all these "messages". There are many false messages, but when the voice comes in front of me (= before the ajna chakra/third eye) and when I feel a certitude at the same time, I know at least for this one time that the message is a true one. Especially when I receive an image at the same time; for I am not a good clairvoyant, in opposite to my present wife.
In the evening on this same day after work I made the montage.

How many have we been to have the montage ?

In the beginning I believed that only a few persons would be interested in receiving this photo, and I was very surprised (and enjoyed!) when I received so many requests... And from all parts of the world ! And many people had forwarded the offer, so that many other people out of the AuroConference and out of the Psych-list have asked for and received the montage.
During the day of Friday February 20, 1998 I asked myself many times : "How many will we be until the 21st, until the time of the meditation at the Samadhi in the Ashram ?" Every time I asked, I received the image of Mother and I heard her saying "Ton âge!" (= your age!). But in the same time, I received the images of the numbers 44 (my actual age) and 45. I did not understand why...
But late in the evening of Friday (about 11:00 PM for me), I received the 43d request (with me, we were therefore 44), which was the request of a couple... ! Thus : 43 montages, with me 44, for 45 people ! The number of requests was therefore not the number of people!
That is again a lesson for me : I must learn to ask precise questions... ;-)

The montage has been requested from following countries : USA, Canada, India, Nepal, Brazil, Russia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom (& Ulster), Australia... and certainly from other countries which I could not guess from the e-mail-address or read in the message.

The First Trans-World Meditation (with this montage: Blessings from the Mother)

For the time of the meditation (following the good idea of Soni for a common meditation), I had printed on the same page : on the left the montage you know and on the right the 44/45 names and e-mail addresses of the photo-recipients.
I had arranged in my living-room a little altar with the photos of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, a photo of the Samadhi in Pondicherry, a little candle and a burning stick of Buthanese incense. A rose like those Mother loved so much was in a vase.
I had read during the evening in Satprem's book about Mother, the second volume (Mère: l'espèce nouvelle) and I was full of her words.

Several minutes after 01h00 AM MET (= 00:30 AM GMT), I woke up my wife who was sleeping and we went into the living-room.. At 01h20 AM MET (=00:30 AM GMT) on this February 21, 1998 we sat down for the meditation, which was for me my first trans-world-meditation (TWM) experience.
I hold the sheet with montage and names in the hands, and after calling Sri Aurobindo and Mother for protection, I have read all the names of the photo-recipients, added a thought for the future ones, then I have visualized us all at the Samadhi and made a japa with the Mantra of the Mother : Om Namo Bhaghavate.
Then I opened me inwardly.
I won't tell every experience during this meditation, but suddenly at one time I felt an large wave of energy which was hitting me frontal, direct into the ajna chakra, bright like five hands one next another - not like a light beam as usually. And at the same time I SAW for the first time in my life a line of this soft bluish light, of which Sri Aurobindo speaks in his Letters on Yoga (section Visions and symbols) as Sri Aurobindo's color (or Krishna's color) and which Mother saw also on April 6, 1963 (according to Satprem, Agenda Vol 4, recorded on tape) and interpreted as a 'contact'.

It was such a marvellous soft and shining pale blue , like a horizontal sunray shining between two blacks clouds, that I forgot everything, but I had the time to know with certitude : it was the blessing from the Mother.
It lasted I don't know how long, and when I became aware again of the room and of my body, my first thought was to send to everyone of you all around the world a little ray of this bluish light.

Then suddenly all ceased, and I was totally cool-headed and awake in the room. It was 01:50 AM MET (=00:50 AM GMT). All that had lasted half an hour....

At that precise moment my wife came out of her meditation, we did not speak, and we went back to sleep.
This morning, she told me that she had seen a yellow light surrounded by a blue one, then that suddenly she had seen the visage of Satprem ! Maybe was he equally in meditation with us at the same time ?

I am very happy to have had this experience with you and I thank you for it.

May the Light of Sri Aurobindo and the Love of the Mother eternally stay with you !



"It is never too early to begin, never too late to continue." (January 13, 1951)

"Progress may be slow, falls may be frequent, but if a courageous will is maintained one is sure to triumph some day and see all difficulties melt and vanish before the radiant consciousness of truth." (January 25, 1951)

The Mother

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