Darshan of April 24, 1999

April 24, 1999 is the 60th Darshan-Day.

April 24 has been created in 1939 as a Darshan-Day, because this day is the day
Mother had definitely come back to Pondicherry in 1920.
Under the photos is a symbol which is the superposition of The Mother's and of Sri Aurobindo's symbols
and which signifies that both are unified.

Note: The photos have been colorised, but not by me!

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Om Sri Aurobindo Mira!

Open my mind, my heart, my life to your Light, your Love, your Power.
In all things may I see the Divine.

This Mantra was given to a Sadhak by Sri Aurobindo Himself in His own handwriting on July 16, 1938

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