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On the threshold of a great Secret

(See the fulltext of the talk from Mother's Agenda (tape-recorded talk) on September 4, 1971)

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Montage made for Darshan-Day November 24, 2000

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Under inner guidance, I have had to emphasize the following sentences from Mother's talk with Satprem.

- When I speak, there is a Consciousness which is expressed, and that Consciousness is what's important - but people catch the words and leave the Consciousness!
- I am trying to make Auroville a link between the old way of being and the new.
- There are some - a few - who are good, but the majority is a subhumanity, an altogether animal humanity.
- To be at every moment as expressive of the Divine Consciousness as one can be. That's the only important thing. [indicated too for the montage]
- People aren't ready.
- Those who are left to their freedom are worthless. [indicated too for the montage]
- Either we have to manage to make this body more plastic so it can be transformed, or else it will be for another life.
- Sri Aurobindo said to me, "I shall return when it can be done in a supramental body."
- "Duration of life at will." I have the feeling that that is possible. Provided ... the body itself thinks only of one thing - transformation.
- I sense I am on the threshold of a great Secret ... [partly indicated too for the title of the montage]

The Mother
See the fulltext of the talk from Mother's Agenda (tape-recorded talk) on September 4, 1971

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