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I have come to the conclusion that
there is nothing which is really death.
(The Mother - 7 March 1967)

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Question of the students: The time and the way of death, are these not always chosen by the soul? In the great destructions of mankind by bombing, flood, earthquake, have all the souls chosen to die together at that moment?

Mother's answers: The immense majority of men have a collective destiny. For them the question does not arise at all.
One who has an individualised psychic being can survive even in the midst of collective catastrophes, if that is his soul's choice.

(The quotation, the question and the answer above are in "Notes on the Way", 7 March 1967, CWM volume 11, page 61. Read the entire text of this talk with Satprem)

Montage made for the Darshan-Day 17 november 2001

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- The quotation in the montage comes from CWM, volume 15, "Words of the Mother", page 172.
- The photo on the left shows Mother in Théon's house at Tlemcen in 1905.
- The nun on the montage is Sister Lucy, the last living seer of the children of Fatima in Portugal. The apparitions of the Virgin Mary occured there between May 13 and October 13, 1917. The photo of Sister Lucy is dated October 2001.

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